Monday, July 8, 2013

Chicago Pride Parade 2013

Love the Chicago Pride Parade, this was my first year on it, I enjoy it from first row, with my BFF Cesarina.
From babies in their strollers to senior citizen , supporting the cause. 
Very colorful, well organized, a big fast respond from the Fire department,  rescue service was at any corner, and a big shout out!!  to our Chicago Police department, I do not know, how was in the past, but the way that they control the thousands of people was amazing. 

I was glad to see so many local business participating and supporting equal rights. Beautiful floats and a lots of imagination. 

On the Down Side,  the walking to get to the parade, the No bathroom available (Only Caribou Cafe let anyone use the restroom)  and as any other event happening, Crazy Intoxicated out of control People. 

Next Year I'm planing to participate in my Gold Carroza ! 
But overall I enjoyed. Peace, Love and Equal Rights to ALL 

(Dedicated Specially to my Dear Brazilian Friend... ) 

By goldplatedgirl 

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